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Bleeding love

< 1 minute


Since the moment I saw your face,
Tempestuous feelings words fail to express,
It’s like a dream came true,
When I saw you pass right through,

I have waited this much long,
You are the voice of my every song,

You took the breath from my lungs,
Cut my veins, you’ll find me bleeding love,

It’s like heavy rain in a drought,
I am drowning deep in your thought,

You are the reason for my smile,
Behind all my gestures and my every style,

You are for whom I respire,
Live each moment with you, I only aspire,

You stole the sleep from my eyes,
The whole night, I search you under starry skies,

It’s like someone has drugged me,
Stopped my brain from thinking,

I can’t just let you go,
There is something I want you to know,
How much I love you, you don’t know about,
Let me show you, I will leave no doubt,

I can’t wait any more,
Holding your hand, wanna enter that door,

You are my only world,
Cut my veins, you’ll find me bleeding love.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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