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English poetry

< 1 minute


Since the moment I saw your face,
Tempestuous feelings words fail to express,
It’s like a dream came true,
When I saw you pass right through,

I have waited this much long,
You are the voice of my every song,

You took the breath from my lungs,
Cut my veins, you’ll find me bleeding love,

It’s like heavy rain in a drought,
I am drowning deep in your thought,

You are the reason for my smile,
Behind all my gestures and my every style,

You are for whom I respire,
Live each moment with you, I only aspire,

You stole the sleep from my eyes,
The whole night, I search you under starry skies,

It’s like someone has drugged me,
Stopped my brain from thinking,

I can’t just let you go,
There is something I want you to know,
How much I love you, you don’t know about,
Let me show you, I will leave no doubt,

I can’t wait any more,
Holding your hand, wanna enter that door,

You are my only world,
Cut my veins, you’ll find me bleeding love.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

I saw you pass by,
But I didn’t have the courage to tell you,
I had many moments,
But I didn’t really know you feel for me too,

I am going outta my mind,
This feeling is one of a kind,
I can’t stop myself thinking about you,
Even though I don’t really know you,

It’s true love, give me a chance,
I wanna show you,

It’s true love, talk to me once,
I wanna show you,

It’s true love, be with me,
I can’t live without you,

I can sense your smile,
From a thousand mile,
Your beautiful eyes,
Leave me mesmerized,

I haven’t got a chance,
To express my feelings for you,
It’s been days,
I haven’t heard from you,

It’s true love, give me a moment,
I wanna show you,

It’s true love, it’s you and only you,
I can’t stop myself dreaming about you,

O’ Girl, I am crazy about you,
Even though I don’t really know you,

It’s true love, say you have feelings for me too,
My life has no meaning without you,

Its true love, in this world,
I never met a girl like you,

O’ girl, walk with me,
I am lost without you,

It’s true love, it’s you and only you,
Every piece of my writing is about you.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

Looking at the starry sky,
I light up the candle high,
Looking for an angel in this soft light,
I wander the way tonight,
Come to me,
Once you are free,

We will fly above rainbow,
Amidst the clouds so high and low,
Just you and me this night,
Far from world and out of sight,

We will walk on ocean wave,
Amidst the storm so strong and brave,
Just you and me this night,
Under the moon and its moonlight,

We will glide with the breeze,
Amidst the rains, between the trees,
Just you and me this night,
Free from worries at this height,

Looking for you in this soft light,
I wander the way tonight,
Come to me,
Once you are free.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

I had poems in my heart for the one,
Who meant the entire world to me once,
Under the horizon, there lied us,
With something cooking within our mind so pious,
Love, it was so distressing,
Yet so pleasing,
Now I stay awake whole night,
With the paranoid I try to fight,
Reminiscences of those golden nights and days,
I silently keep thinking what went wrong, and we parted our ways,
For his presence I used to crave,
Now I find myself digging a grave,
For the love which once he had too,
Now like our love, the poems sleep in solace too.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

I see your broken heart,
Shattered into millions part,
You seem deep in pain,
Your eyes look drenched in rain,

I feel so sorry for you,
How can someone leave a girl like you?
Let me know if I can help lessen your grief,
Anything that can be done for some relief,

Baby there is nothing left behind,
You need to move on, Why is he still in your mind?
There is much more in this world,
Someone better is waiting for you girl,

Don’t make your life boring,
A beautiful world outside is worth exploring,
Stay strong and be patient,
I know sadness has left in your heart a dent,
For nothing in this world does forever stay,
Even the strongest of the perfume fades away,

You have to let him go,
You will get someone better, you never know,
For a sweet girl like you,
You deserve someone who make you feel like woo,

You don’t need to feel alone,
Please don’t cry, don’t let him you down,
Baby you know you’re worth much more,
There will be someone worth waiting for,

Sweet are the fruits of adversity,
Hold faith in the almighty,
You will get your prince Charming,
You will dance again on the rhythm of love chimes with your king.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

Your name seems to be carved on the heart since ages,
You definitely have captivated every bit of it in cages,
It is all yours forever,
Oh dear, don’t leave me ever,

I write your name sometimes on the shore,
And see it vanishing in the sand pure,
I write your name sometimes in my diary,
In the hope, someday someone would know our chemistry,
I am left alone, it’s hard to believe,
Void of love, how is it like to live?
I sometimes see you, one moment you are beside me,
The next moment you are gone in a blink, I don’t see,

With burning desires in my eyes, I searched for you like shadows,
From crowded streets to chilling snows,
No nook and corner is left untouched,
Your memories are haunting me, I am cursed,
All I see is your face on every mirror,
This distance from you is very hard to bear,
People say I look infectioned and tired,
For they don’t know the pain inside wired,

You showed me what love is, I never knew,
You showed me that dreams can come true,
Show me again that secret ingredient of happiness,
I am exhausted of all this chase,

I keep asking, where is my winsome happening girl?
It’s hard to live without her in this lonely world,
They say everything happens for a reason,
I wonder if this is why I have been writing this whole season?

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

Sometimes I stay awake all night,
Keeping my worries out of sight,
Wondering what I learnt all these years,
Hard work, smile and to overcome my fears,

I have learnt to live from the splendid fireflies,
Although little, their soft glow show importance in starless skies,

The flowers in blue have whispered me the secret art,
To smile and spread fragrance even if someone tears you apart,

I have learnt the value of selfishness from the sun,
To provide us heat and nutrients, it burns itself from dusk to dawn,

I have witnessed the power of union from the stars,
Alone you make no difference, but together you can’t be surpassed,

Honeybees have buzzed, only your work others can steal,
So work worry free, will lie with you your talent and skill,

Spiders have enlightened me the key to success, hard work, diligence and perseverance,
Don’t be afraid of the failures, keep trying and result would be magnificent,

God has surely created butterflies to teach us a lesson,
Outer apperance can be deceiving, don’t be too quick to judge, work is in progress, it’s yet not done,
To rise above any situation or struggle, lies within you that power,
Use it to transform into the strongest, brightest version of you ever,

Keep going and going, no matter how obstacled the path is, said the gushing river,
And face every difficulty with equal energy without any shiver,

Stand by and endure the pressure, you will shine at last,
Sparkled the precious diamond, I too was once a stone in the past,

Nature is the best teacher of all,
But only if you are willing to learn from all your heart and soul.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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2 min read

A chapter of my life, which finally closed.
I close my eyes, I see a face,
Time has passed at a splendid pace,
It was a scorching sunny day,
With rains of happiness on the way,
A day to remember, a day to dare,
I was to promise a whole life to care,
A red rose in hand and hundred evenings of hope,
Balloons of happiness and dreams unfold,
They call it the day of romance,
Day of luck, or the day to take a chance,

And then, there she was, in ruby red attire,
Stunning, soignèe and glowing in necklace blue sapphire,
Right beside me, standing,
In a place solumn and serene,
Her raven hair tightened with a pinky velvet ribbon,
She never looked so beautiful, needless to mention,
Memories started rolling, like a flashback soon,
How I waited for hours all the way,
And her one glimpse would make my day,
Her rosy lips, her charming face,
Her eyes with an ocean depth,
Her infectious smile,
Those cute dimples little,
Raven tress, nose pointing like knife,
As if the statue of Aphrodite came to life,

With all the love I had for her,
I walked towards her,
My heart was beating like drums,
My eyes were swinging under blanket of dreams,
With some dare in eyes,
And love in heart king size,
I bent down on one knee,
Took her hand in my hand,
Oh my dear, will you be mine?
I will stand by your side till the last sunshine,
My love for you will never fade,
Be it mountains of happiness or sorrows’ shade,
Noone would love me like you do,
That’s why I wanna live forever with you,
No matter how many fights between us would happen,
We will always make it right, our world won’t be shaken,
You would always find me there,
In every moment of joy and each moment of despair,
You make me love you so easy,
It has become part of me rather than a necessity,
Being with you rejuvenate me in such a way,
Morning has brought hope in its every ray,
A little tiny world of ours, I aspire,
You are someone to me, for whom I respire,
This is a little tough decision, I know,
For we can’t predict everything now,
I promise, you would never find yourself alone,
Just say you love me, I asked in calm tone,

And then to my surprise,
I saw tears rolling out her eyes,
She was holding a heart,
Which was not mine,
She said, with a sigh,
We do not make a good pair, you and I,
All lyrics of songs, we kept on listening were unspoken,
Ah! All in vain, the heart was broken,
I heard a small crack somewhere,
I wonder if anyone would even care,
Collapsed and sunken were my eyes,
Silent and tearless were my cries,
I was left alone with shattered feelings,
For heart was punctured with iron drillings,
As moon shies from the sun,
I shared my love with noone,
Then I realized, even moon is alone,
Did it ever love someone?

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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< 1 minute

I walked under the woods in mist,
In a dusk of monsoon, with eyes twist,
A non ending passage in forest,
Tiny drops of rain water slipped from the leaves in haste,
Through the grass, wind whispered,
Flowers in the golden, too madly danced,
Carpet of greenery resembled the ample cushion,
Snow white waterfall flowing as molten sapphire screamed for my attention,
Gliding over the rocks, splashing its tears,
Birds chirped and sung in my peaceful ears,
Breeze so soft and gentle as mom’s kissed,
Rustling branches, too not to be missed,
Sunlight casting pink golden hue,
Over the bridge of deep shimmering lake blue,
Desperately I looked through the trees straight,
The scenery was so majestic designed great,
A pleasant soothing gift to eyes,
Spell-bound silence and void of noise,
My senses lulled by the ravishing perfumes,
As I crossed the shades of flower blooms,
I wish my soul in the forest forever stays,
Far from deceives and free of lies,
I took the road less travelled,
All I wish is to grow old in this insouciant world.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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