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Let him go

I see your broken heart,
Shattered into millions part,
You seem deep in pain,
Your eyes look drenched in rain,

I feel so sorry for you,
How can someone leave a girl like you?
Let me know if I can help lessen your grief,
Anything that can be done for some relief,

Baby there is nothing left behind,
You need to move on, Why is he still in your mind?
There is much more in this world,
Someone better is waiting for you girl,

Don’t make your life boring,
A beautiful world outside is worth exploring,
Stay strong and be patient,
I know sadness has left in your heart a dent,
For nothing in this world does forever stay,
Even the strongest of the perfume fades away,

You have to let him go,
You will get someone better, you never know,
For a sweet girl like you,
You deserve someone who make you feel like woo,

You don’t need to feel alone,
Please don’t cry, don’t let him you down,
Baby you know you’re worth much more,
There will be someone worth waiting for,

Sweet are the fruits of adversity,
Hold faith in the almighty,
You will get your prince Charming,
You will dance again on the rhythm of love chimes with your king.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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