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In the night when clouds pass by,
Full of pain these eyes cry,
A faded picture you appears on wall,
Memories spent with you begins to crawl,

The beautiful spark was between us,
Innocent blooming love that could make any soul jealous,
When everything was just going fine,
Why did our interests not align?
After all the caring for nights and days,
I still don’t know why we broke up and parted our ways,
I thought I would always make it right,
Never imagined you could ever out of sight,

Although we argued and fought each other,
At the end of day, we were together,
Fights at dusk always dissolved with greetings of good mornings,
My days won’t great without your morrow rings,

In the night when clouds cover the moon,
I ask myself, “Will it be all over soon?”
I don’t wanna live in darkness,
When will moon of happiness tear down colors of sadness?

In the night when I stare at roof,
I keep turning sides, coz sleep from eyes is unhooked,
Your sweet voice echoes from far behind,
Purpose of my life without you, where do I find?

In the dawn when sunrays brighten my face,
I check my phone accidently for your presence,
These realize were are days of past,
Happy moments are ephemeral, they seldom last,

A feeling of emptiness after unheard prayer,
My life seems to crumble in despair,
With the moment spent with you, my heart dances,
I, sometimes wonder if dying love also has chances,

In the day when I smile widely outside,
There is nothing but a void inside,
If it were possible to rip heart out,
I would the first to try it out.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal, All rights reserved.

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