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Wings of love

I’ll reach to your heart
Coz I’m flying like a bird
Though the road is not that fine
I’m battling for what is mine

There is bloodshed and there is burn
The whole world is short for me to run
My mind has gone blunt and my eyes are shut
The wings of love keep me up

The cloud seems to hit me like big ocean waves
I have to face this, or I’ll break

I don’t know a hush descended where we are
If it’s an ambush I have to make it far
I wish the rain could wipe out the traces from where I’ve passed
Turn up the pages and give my life a new cast
Your mere presence could wake me up once before dying
That’s why I’m knocking your door, I’m still trying
The tears of hope won’t quench the fire till the sun shines
I will battle till my last breath for what is mine.

Copyright © 2016, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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