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The love letters – July 26, 2018

July 26, 2018
You have destroyed me in the most beautiful way possible. My nights are restless. The days are better neither. Meeting you, I now know what’s it like to be in love. These days, my mind doesn’t entertain the thought of anything but you. I long for you as drought longs for rain.

Many years have passed. I still remember every small detail of our first meeting — the leaves falling in silence, the gentle breeze caressing your sun kissed brown hair, your blue dress embroidered with round golden pearls and your angelic face lighted up in joy. That morning, the nature had chosen the finest brush from her collection, dipped it in my favorite color of the year and painted the whole scenery cinnamon brown. It was as if she was preparing the perfect backdrop since a very long time for me to meet you. Everything was so perfect. If I have to choose one day from my life to go back to over and over again, it’s this.

And how can I forget that magical evening over coffee. Deeply lost in conversation, we were barely touching our cups. Time flew and before we realized, it was already an hour. You asked, “Shall we leave?”, and then looked me into the eyes. You instantly knew I wanted to spend more time with you. Open shade in the blue hour took place of the coffee table. We spent hours sitting there, completing each other’s sentences and contemplating on what the future might look like. If only some astronomical event had stopped the earth from spinning around its axis, I would have spent countless days, weeks, months talking to you. Because with you, it’s never enough.

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