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The love letters – December 19, 2022

December 19, 2022
In the ambition to create an identity for yourself, to become someone better, someone exemplary, don’t forget who you are. For that was the very person I met, and fell deeply in love with.

Love, nothing can make me happier seeing you chase your dreams to the end of the world, and achieve the greatest, great can ever be. No matter where I’m, I’ll always take pride in your accomplishments, and celebrate your success. For you are the most extraordinary person I know.

Kristen, what I’m trying to say is that… whatever you do, wherever you go, you’ll always find me by your side. I’ll be your shade in the scorching sun, and warmth in the spine-chilling winter. I’ll never let a smile leave your face, nor will I ever let tears roll out of your eyes.

Love you loads,

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