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The love letters – December 25, 2022

December 25, 2022
My cute naughty baby,
Here is a hug from your Santa, to show he cares; to see you through; just hold me tight, and keep me near, ’tis a hug to show I’m always here.

This Santa loves you more than there are stars in the galaxy, and misses you like noone in this world has missed another. When someone asks me, why do I always look lost? What do I say to that. To the fact that I can’t stop my eyes from looking for you when I walk across the favorite restaurant of yours. To the fact that I burst with emotions when I smell your favorite flower, and wish you were here. To the fact that when I hear a joke, I find it hard to laugh alone. To the fact that your smile is the most valuable gift to me, and no money in this world can replace it. To the fact that even the cheesecake doesn’t taste as sweet as it used to when we ate it together. To the fact that I miss your smell when I wake up. To the fact that I no longer go for long evening walks around the Marina, because it reminds me of you. To the fact that I am not as focused and productive as I was when I was with you. To the fact that the only music I want to listen to is melancholic, because it reflects my mood. To the fact that all the words in this world have fallen short to express how much I miss you. To the fact that there is no happiness without you. To the fact that a life without you is a curse.
You see, there is no definite answer to that.
Merry Christmas, Love,
Your Santa ❤️

Copyright © 2022, Aashish Barnwal,  All rights reserved.

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